Gazing At The Cloudy Sky

Gazing at the cloudy sky,
All I see is nowhere light;
Behind those puffs the stars profusely cry,
The battered moon stays behind in fright,
It could never win the fight.

The blowing wind being an artistic knife,
Makes the clouds in whites to paint the skies-
An afraid child left alone in his life,
Or a mighty eagle with watchful eyes,
Or a luxurious garden full of butterflies.

The dark sky lightens,
It is for sure the dawn of today;
Unlike the other bright items,
The clouds still float all gay,
Stirring under our petty planet in the milky way.

I watch the sun rise in the east,
Coloring the sky in picturesque shades;
Sinking all my troubles to the least,
Giving me a memory which for eternity stays,
The cloudy sky subtly fades.

Harshwardhan Sharma

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Contemporary Indian, Schoolboy BVB Vidyashram Munshi Marg, Jaipur, Linguist, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, French, Spanish, Write about moods, feels, and nature, Most related to wind, Suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it's what makes me write

Last updated May 08, 2016