Mother Nature

Since the beginning of the Earth,
Millions of years back
You came into existence.
Water began to flow upon your Heart,
Sunrays fall unto your surface,
Seeds began to germinate.
You nourishes this germinating seeds
Into a full-fledged plant.
Leaves began to appear,
Stem protrudes side by side.
Flower buds appear,
Attracting the Birds & Bees.
Meanwhile, they began to build their shelter.
By then, your whole surface
Is cover up by green grasses
And by green trees,
Letting our planet appears lively again.

Ulysses Deb Barma

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#Twiprasa, Northeast Indian, Born on Dec 4, 1994, Medical Student, Rims, Imphal, ♥ Poetry, Philosophy

Last updated July 13, 2016