Gold Slurry

by Jill Osburn

we are facing an evil
not the kind that shows up in that one season
the kind that lives inside
it is fear

what is the difference

we wax eloquently “Be ye not afraid”
the Book is filled with such commands
What if you can’t help but be afraid?
What if you exists based on fear?

What do They fear?
The womb?
Ah...yes...the power that lies in the cradle of life.

What happened
that we began to think that we could adjudicate what we desire?
When did we lose touch with and want more than we need?
How did we separate from Mother and begin active hate for her?

Those who have never wondered if they could, if they were able...
They are legislating.
They are blind to wonder.

Never had to question themselves.
Walking upon the streets of gold.
Blaming those who have no other path,
but slogging through the slurry from the gold they mined.

Those that have never had to check their surroundings.
Consider before walking alone.
Call a friend… “If you don’t hear from me by…”

Unable to imagine the mud-slide climb of another
Power is held. Questions are not asked.

They continue unconscious condescension,
rising up to soothe their conscience.
It knows the depth of the disease.

They don’t consider the care of the infant
their bodies will never be food.

Fear seeps from the top.
Fear of losing the reins.
to go against is or the other…

if there was porousness,
the integrity would not hold.
only by naming it can it be vanquished.

abdicating responsibility to a GOD that is a construct
of the White-man.

Reject transcendence.
She is among the people.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest and studying for ministry in the Episcopal Church. Poetry is an extension of myself.

Last updated November 04, 2015