Don’t slumber, neither do you cringe
On the burden we bequeath, you willingly binge

Dwell within them and reside in me
Live in and out of the earth and in all that we see

I don’t see you; yet I am experiencing
A rigid embrace in your very being

You fathom the passion in a dancer’s feet
You drink the love of someone’s conceit

You are the greatest of all fetchers
You are the grandest of all catchers

Stars and planets float with power unmatched
In the gargantuan indigo space, no strings attached

The beginning of the cosmos, He set alight
Power vested upon, to ants and planets, alike

From where do you come? To where do you go?
That we needed you, how did you know?

You existed before me and long after I am gone
I don’t see how you are different from any God

One soul of you, treat all the same
Neither you see color nor do you declaim

This tender planet sans gratifying serenity
Divided by opinions; United by gravity

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Biomedical Engineer turned Software Engineer, Poetry Believer, Art Dreamer, Indian Classical music lover, Teacher, Spiritual Seeker...

Last updated July 08, 2016