He Never Came

He never came

Clad in white, she waited for her prince,
To take her home and love her.
But he never came.

Eloquent feelings she carried in her heart,
For him and him alone.
But he never came.

She assailed all who detested him,
Breaking the chains of society for his company
But he never came.

She grumbled in his absence,
Hoping he would keep that deft promise.
But he never came.

The clock menaced, the wait was vile,
Her love was true,
But he never came.

But the supreme one knew
And she knew not,
Fate had left their homely cot.

It was her love that kept him away,
For with him she shall not see another day,
Such was the gamble destiny played,
On the path of gold the pricks were laid.

Who is guilty?
Whom should we blame?
Only if she knew, his love was the same.
He never came.

Asim Rafiq Mulla

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Brought up in Karwar, a small town in Karnataka, India, Asim Mulla is the new coming of age poet who takes you a step closer to base human emotions.

Last updated October 16, 2015