Poor Hum.

Hey Hum, take this sum,

Don’t throw it away like a useless gum.


Hey Hum, to market you go,

Promise not to sway near any show.


Hum, you buy a drum,

Bring it back home without acting dumb.


Hum Hum, the drum you play,

Entertain the mob on my wedding day.


Hum, I know your heart,

I do understand you are crying apart.


Hum, I know you love me,

Amidst the celebration I saw you gloomy.


But Hum, you are a servant’s son,

Don’t create a fuss, your place you learn.


See Hum, my fiancé is rich,

He rules from the palace, you lay in the ditch.


So Hum, I am sorry for the crime,

All that was just to pass the time.


And Hum, forget all the talks,

I no love you anymore, forget all long walks.


Poor Hum, just take this sum,

Do as I say, without acting dumb.

Asim Rafiq Mulla

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Last updated October 18, 2015