Lady Godiva

by Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein

Hey Lady Godiva, ridin´ through the town
Naked on your big white horse
With your long hair hangin´ down
Lady Godiva, you say you´re really frightened
and so shy
I hate to bust your bubble but you
Sure picked a funny place to hide
Hey Lady Godiva, lookin´ for a place
Where no one wants your body
And nobody knows your face
Lady Godiva, you say you wanna be loved
For what´s inside
I don´t know much about horses but you
Sure picked a funny place to ride
Every man´s just a clutchin´ hand
Reachin´ out to grab you
Every man´s a quiverin´ lance
Tryin´ hard to stab you - don´t let ´em nab you
Hey Lady Godiva, lookin´ kind of scared
You showed ´em all your talents
But nobody seems to care
Lady Godiva, could it be nobody wants to ride
Come to think it over
You may have picked the perfect place to hide

Last updated January 14, 2019