by Samuel Allen

The article was not what I expected to find
amongst the assortment of keepsakes that remind
me of a time that is undoubtedly forgotten by yourself
and indeed was almost (but not quite) forgotten by I.

Innumerable trinkets paint a picture of the play
that was acted out over the course of the days
we spent together during that summer in Leeds,
but not one of them cares to explain the way

it all changed; how we stopped loving one another
and would part ways to pursue other interests:
yours was to learn, while mine was to work.
I replayed the many events from our time together

creating scenarios where I said things I should
have, and pondered what actions I could
have done to alter the outcome of what
eventually came to be and would

become a defining moment in my life.
I would be forever scarred by the memory
of the hopes I had for us both, the things that we
could have grown to be.

Samuel Allen's picture

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Samuel discovered poetry while studying at university and it wasn't long before he was writing his own. Drawing influence from classic forms, Samuel's work centres towards anapestic appreciation of the world he has seen and reflections on the human condition.

Last updated September 26, 2015