Light Years a Stray

by V. E. Malespin

You carry your weight
I note thy density
You claim condensed dusts of gold
Entitling yourself
To planets of diamond
Or so itself it was told
Mistakenly those of broken glass
I humbly stand by
My oh my
In my orbit of universal happiness
Not to be disturbed

But welcoming to passerby
Two can fly
Haha nice try
Shinning your glass?
Trying hard
Make sure it will last
Time doesn't exist
Neither does the past
Your orbit moves too fast

Compensating I see
Condescending may be
Maybe you see
My stars illuminate
Glimmering hues
whites and blues
Than any old glass
Pride says
I think I'll pass

Human bean, Not mean, Poetry is cool, Mental tool

Last updated February 28, 2017