Logophile girl

Cute and hot,
Mountain And beaches,
Rose gold and the color of peaches.

Five languages she knows :
"lena na usse panga
Ycm ke peeche at Swarganga".

Jumping into fire
or walking a thousand mile
Would have done anything
for a girl who's a logophile.

Inside she smiles
Outside she cries
Then out of nowhere
she shows her love for the fries.

Saw her in gurudwara
"jab milne aaya tha dubara"
Innocent she was,
Beautiful for sure
Oh god!
She's just the girl I am looking for.

Kunal Singh

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Born on 26th January 1996 in Uthar Pradesh, India. Automobile design Student in Dypdc University, Pune-India. All poems are dedicated for my love.

Last updated September 13, 2016