My crush with my sir

'a2 + b2 = c2' he proclaimed
looking into the eyes of the entire class,
I tried to look down, to be not enraptured by his eyes,
but his eyes mesmerised me ...
couldn't lift I off his eyes.

He smiled as if he won my heart,
wondered if he heard my heart;
Gathered all the courage one day to seek his company
in asking few doubts one day.

Falsely I pointed to sum in text,
seriously he began to solve it;
couldn't understand a bit
only thing was hit or miss.

Still holding a pen in his hand,
cleared all that was in my mind;
murmurring a note of thanks I went
forgetting my book and pen.

Next day I went to class
hesitant to know that sir's first class
didnt know what to say
when sir gave me in front of class
my book, my pen and not my heart!

Minoo Pal

A computer science graduate with a flair in writing since childhood.

Last updated May 08, 2016