Let Go - Let God

by Cherice Richere Wiggins

Have you ever had your other go and trade you for another,
All because he didn't wanna tell the truth?
And although you know you shouldn't, doesn't even mean you wouldn't,
Get some payback, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.

So if you should take some time to simmer, heal the light inside now dimmer,
You'll see that this is really for the best.
It's best to just let go, so that bitterness don't grow,
And that's what makes you different from the rest.

Let Go - Let God.

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Born in Los Angeles but raised in the Palm Springs, Ca area. I've led a rather hard life but a good one. I believe in making the best of the worst situations because for every bad, there is a much greater good. Keep your glass half full and keep it simple. And with two simple things, you can aquire ANYTHING in life you desire...humility and perseverance. Try your true hardest to achieve, but be humble to keep it.

Last updated December 09, 2017