Thank You

by Cherice Richere Wiggins

Somehow thank you is not good enough,
No words can express what is in my heart.
My life, it has true meaning now,
My happy ending, this day, will start.

The first time I saw you smile,
Was the day I fell in love.
I knew then that you were sent to me,
Straight from Heaven, up above.

A million times, I prayed to God,
And wished on every star.
All those years I searched for you,
And finally here you are.

I'm thankful for the things you give me.
You bring light to each and every day.
You my better half, and you complete me,
Forever beside you, here I stay.

I finally know what true love is,
And we are of the lucky few.
I knew I'd finally found my soul mate,
The first time I laid eyes on you.

And no longer do I fear the future,
Nor do I have to wrestle with the past.
One in the same, are you and I,
I've met my match, at last.

So as long as I have you beside me,
Hand in hand, we'll see it through.
Til death do us part, profoundly perfect.
I can't wait to say, "I do."

For Scott with Love.

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Born in Los Angeles but raised in the Palm Springs, Ca area. I've led a rather hard life but a good one. I believe in making the best of the worst situations because for every bad, there is a much greater good. Keep your glass half full and keep it simple. And with two simple things, you can aquire ANYTHING in life you desire...humility and perseverance. Try your true hardest to achieve, but be humble to keep it.

Last updated December 09, 2017