Little Ripples

by Richard Milton Grahn

Rolling waves, little vibes.
Subtle words locked deep inside.
Relax…step back…and…ride the tide.
Seek to find what’s in your mind.

Little ripples flowing in a rolling sea,
Gently washing over me.
Watching you as you pass the time,
I’m reaching up just to make the climb.

We’re celebrating new-found worlds.
Choosing words as yet unheard.
Building mansions in the sky.
Dreaming…believing…asking why.

The tales you tell,
They rise and fly.
Wisps of clouds…wet and dreamy…
Floating by…

I love you more than time can say.
Beyond the mountains, we must stray.
Dwelling here inside your waves,
Our love evolves in special ways.

In hues of blue,
It seems to me a pleasant scene.
That timeless dream you paint for me
Is sprawling here for all to see.

Tempting fate…our ripples flow.
We’re tossing stones into the hole.
The echoes ring throughout my brain.
Your rain pours down, removing pain.
I’m all absorbed,
Never bored with what you say.
I love the way you look at me,
Just how your eyes divine on me.

The world is tossed, our love is bound.
Rumbling over this hallowed ground.
All we’ve shared and all we’ve seen
Is what we’ve found and can believe.

The trees have seen our blooming dreams.
Nothing means so much to me
That warming fire inside your eyes.

To my surprise, it’s no surprise.
Your flame, it warms my pulsing stream.
The heat that’s coursing in my soul
Is whole with you, your role is true.

The only moment we can ever spend
Must last for now…and now…and now.
Please remember that you please me so.
Just grow with me as the river flows.

Saint Mary's

Richard Milton Grahn's picture

Richard Grahn is an American poet born in Wisconsin in 1959, currently living in Chicago, IL. He has traveled extensively and has been writing for over 30 years. He is also an avid sculptor, photographer and spacial designer. Until recently, most writings were unpublished. He is the author of “Word Pictures: Painting with Verse” (2017) and has recently published a number of poems online. He has a Fine Arts degree from Butte Community College, Oroville, CA with additional Fine Arts studies at Chico State University, Chico, CA. Links to his work online can be found on his website at

Last updated February 21, 2018