by Mark Olynyk

of the World Poetry League:
write a code
tell the truth
take adversity
turn it into art
spread the word
of a new country
talk a good game
herald the day
people landscapes
with strange gods
have a penchant
for lost civilizations
explore uncharted
sleep with eyes open
lead a counter-revolution
in peace
be a saint

Barrie, Ontario

Mark Olynyk's picture

In 1977, Mark Olynyk published his first poem in "Left Wing". This event set off a chain reaction of poetry; that continues to this day. His poems have appeared in anthologies and literary journals such as: Whetstone, The Prairie Journal, Canadian Writer’s Journal, The Penwood Review and Peace & Freedom. His latest book, Written in Stone (2012) was published by FriesenPress. This collection of poems looks at the human condition; truth and the transience of life. The author says, “Writing is the great escape.” Find him on facebook at Poetry Inc.

Last updated July 07, 2017