Missing You

My days begin and end with your name,
You went far away and still I held your photo frame.
One day you will come and take me with you,
That hope lets me live through.

I can read those unsaid words,
Which you speak in silence.
Sometimes they are like swords,
And sometimes like a highness.

Do you miss me like I do,
Please say a word so that i get a clue.
Never hide your feelings for me,
Just let them flee.

Should I say I miss you,
Or let myself be in the queue.
Waiting is all I can do My Sweetheart,
I wish you come to know as you depart.

"An aspiring IT professional along with the biggest dream of perusing her hobby of writing to reach the destination called Creativity". Poetry makes me fly freely thereby leaving behind all kinds of emotions.

Last updated October 02, 2015