Nature - Am I still Beautiful

Her once fresh water trickling with grace,
Now flows with grime that’s difficult to clean.
Her once fresh air that sustained life,
Now have toxins that slays.
Her velvety green gown of forest and grass,
Now have torn patches and crests of waste.
Her beautiful ornaments with diamonds of snow,
Now has melted to floods that ruin.
Her flawless skin texture that radiated beauty,
Now have scars and fine lines of mines.
Her speech that sounded chirrup and tweet,
Now has turned to screams of traffic and blasts.
Her attire of diversity full of flowers and creatures,
Now has shrinked and faded away with heat.
Distressed by her loss nature asked – Am I still beautiful!!
With little hope in her eyes she iterated – Can I be beautiful again!!

Jini Rajendran

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Hi, this is Ms. Jini Rajendran, currently residing in Hyderabad, working as a senior consultant with an MNC, and I believe that there is no age limit to pursue once dream!!

Last updated January 03, 2017