Of Every Breath

Of every breath I take,
A little is for your sake;
For every bit I stake,
Is for you to make;

Taking every breath with you in,
With joy I shall join.
Shall we breathe in?
Come together and win?

We well know you are a migrant,
Yet a home we shall grant.
To create with us your every want,
Let us know that there is no can't.

Soon on your own you may start,
But forever you will be in my heart.
You shall be your own art,
To that end, lies my part.

In every breath I take,
I give you a part to wake.

Sharvari GC

Sharvari GC writes for the pleasure of expression., Letting her ideas take the form of a poem, she tries to express her view of this magical world., Some of her best poems published here.

Last updated May 31, 2019