Does god exist, shouldn’t be a question
Don’t ask and you may not play with many emotions
We may or may not know about his presence
Neither do we know about god’s absence

Physics says it can’t explain god and hence concluded its non-existence
We may then shout about many fundamental theories and their lack of evidences
God isn’t an entity but he is a strong force
A force which can’t be explained but is with us always of course

For he sees us, up from the heaven
For every sin that we make we are forgiven
For we all are the children of this miraculous omnipresent mother
In times of dark ages, he looks upon us like an ardent father

So to all those no believers, you are free to believe
But don’t you spread your profane thoughts and take away so many people’s relief
In the end, its isn’t life but death that awaits
But in time when we are alive, why not live it with a little bit of faith.

Anuttam Chatterjee

Both thorns and thistles shall bring forth for us. From the ground we are taken out, for the dust we are, and to the dust we shall return. I am a optimist. I don't believe in luck, i believe in hustle. Hustle against all day pessimism. In the end its not pessimist but we optimist with our strong echoes bypass them with an ardent smile on our faces.

Last updated February 25, 2017