Once I m gone...

Few sonnets
Few couplets
Flowers in bloom
Tales of gloom
Unsated intentions
Different interpretations
Vague impressions
Varied perceptions
Blurred reflections, and,
Moments of apprehensions
Will be left behind,
Once I am gone.

They won't be my belongings,
They will be your possessions,
Where will I be gone,
Which path will be worn,
Will there be my reversion,
I know nothing,
And even if I come back,
Neither will I remember them
Nor will they recognize me,
I ll be forlorn
Once I am gone.

You don't shy away from them,
Talk to them, sit with them,
Have compassion for them,
They will be all yours.
Without your knowing
they will dissolve in you,
and slowly disappear in you,
Once I am gone.

I ll have nothing,
Nothing to gain, and,
Nothing to lose,
Whether you reprimand,
Or you commend,
Once I am gone.

Vikash Bhattacharya

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Studied business, A logistician by profession, Have been writing ever since childhood, Favourite topics include life and it's kaleidoscopic journey

Last updated February 05, 2016