Yet to graduate...

I, the silent spectator
Gaze at myself
The framed photograph
Hanging on dusty dark wall
Donning the black gown and hood
Holding certificate of degree...

I peep from inside the frame
Mocking at myself
Watching aghast
As the life flew away...

The space between us is long
Twenty five years long.
Lived so many birthdays
Witnessed so many autumns,
Opened, closed,
Reopened and bolted the doors,
Basking in the sunshine
of this space between us.

The framed photograph asked me,
"When will you graduate ?
When will your smiling
guileless photograph
be displayed on the wall ?"
I said,
" I am studying hard."

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Studied business, A logistician by profession, Have been writing ever since childhood, Favourite topics include life and it's kaleidoscopic journey

Last updated February 05, 2016