did we bring the revolution,well the question is interesting one. know the answers o cursed scholar of this haunted society , get an impossible bail from the enslaved life ,or esacape from the system ...
go into the past...fall deep into the trance ...and follow beats of the drum.
..some of the unkown had this vision , that no one should be owned by none..
.public must trust first that true salvation means liberation of the soul of a human.

so did we really bring the revolution,Did you evolve from me to you...?
.well this statement should give you a clue ...!

the philosophers who thought and fought for reason ,were poisoned were hanged were shot on the head ..
.by the kings of chaos and destruction who owned the land and starved citizen's for the bread..
Book of Revolution was buried was burned ,unheard and unread ...
People left trapped , tortured to get ruled, destined to be led ....
Now you my friend,smoking ashes of those pages, half asleep half awake ,will remember everything what this ghost said ......

Bhanu Garia

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Rustic Heart......

Last updated January 21, 2016