Rye Bread

Ah bread in oven! Every week I wonder if I will ever make another batch! And every week I do. Sprout rye berries (so blue) for three days. Grind oats and flax seed to make a little flour. Add thyme. Cut up a whole big bunch of parsley. Raisins. Grind rye sprouts with a little bit of water. Too much it will be so mushy! Mix it all with a spoon and then mush by hand so it's mostly parsley covered with tiny bits of mush. Wash hands. Then part two. Slice onion thin rounds and lay on glass sheet. So no oil. Spoon on clumps of parsley mush into big balls on each onion slice. Bake low temp 275 for an hour or two, cool, turn over and bake onion side til brown for another hour or so. Cooked side does not stick. It all settles while baking. Looks like a hamburger with grilled onions!
Can you see why I wonder if I am going to make another batch next week?!!!! But it's nice. Crunchy outside mushy inside.

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I am a poet and painter, songwriter, world traveler and artist who paints with children. I created programs for schools and first started painting with children in two artists in residencies in County Wicklow in 2002 and County Clare in 2003, in Ireland. I have written, illustrated and self published Turtle Woman and the Sea King, a dreaming tale 1995 in Wales UK . I published Art in the Park A Day of Painting with Children and soon to be published Art in the Park A Day of Playing with Colors in Jacksonville Florida, ebooks on Amazon 2015 and 2016. I was born in Columbus Ohio USA. I have lived in Wales UK, Ireland, Crete and India.

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