Sonet 39

William Alexander

Mvst I attend an vnrelenting will,
Which neuer any signe of fauour shew?
Ah, why should'st thou Aurora thus pursue
An innocent, that neuer did thee ill?
I did not with the Greeke conspire to kill
Thy sonne, for whom thou shed'st such flouds of dew:
But I as one that yet his destine rue,
For to condole with thee, huge teares distill;
And like the louing birds that came each yeare,
Vpon his tombe to offer vp their bloud:
So shall I too powre foorth a skarlet floud,
And sacrifize a heart that holds thee deare:
That since my life to make thee loue lackes force,
At least my death may moue thee to remorce.

Last updated January 14, 2019