Sonet 40

William Alexander

Thy cruelties (fierce Faire) may be excus'd:
For it was I that gaue thy beautie powre,
And taught thee when to smile, and when to lowre,
Which thou hast since still to my ruine vs'd:
As he that others purpos'd was to pine,
And for his brasen Bull a guerdon claim'd,
Was tortur'd first with that which he had fram'd,
And made th'experience of his curst engine:
So in this manner dost thou me torment,
Who told thee first the force of thy disdaines:
But ah, I suffer many greater paines,
Then the Sicilian tyrants could inuent:
And yet this grieues me most that thou disgrac'd,
Art in the rancke with such like tyrants plac'd.

Last updated January 14, 2019