Sonet 41

William Alexander

If that so many braue men leauing Greece,
Durst earst aduenter through the raging deepe,
And all to get the spoiles of a poore sheepe,
That had bene famous for his golden fleece.
O then for that pure gold what should be sought,
Of which each haire is worth a thousand such!
No doubt for it one cannot do too much.
Why should not precious things be dearely bought?
And so they are, for in the Colchik guise,
This treasure many a danger doth defend:
Of which, when I haue brought some one to end,
Straight out of that a number doth arise:
Euen as the Dragons teeth bred men at armes,
Which (ah) t'orethrow, I want Medeas charmes.

Last updated January 14, 2019