Sonet 46

William Alexander

Loue swore by Styx whil'st all the depths did tremble,
That he would be aueng'd of my proud hart,
Who to his Deitie durst base styles impart,
And would in that Latonas impe resemble:
Then straight denounc'd his rebell, in a rage
He labour'd by all meanes for to betray me,
And gaue full leaue to any for to slay me,
That he might by my wracke his wrath asswage:
A Nymph that long'd to finish Cupids toyles,
Chanc'd once to spie me come in beauties bounds,
And straight orethrew me with a world of wounds,
Then vnto Paphos did transport my spoiles.
Thus, thus I see, that all must fall in end,
That with a greater then themselues contend.

Last updated January 14, 2019