Sonet 52

William Alexander

Some men delight huge buildings to behold,
Some theaters, mountaines, floods, and famous springs;
Some monuments of Monarkes, and such things
As in the bookes of fame haue bene inrol'd:
Those stately townes that to the starres were rais'd,
Some would their ruines see (their beautie's gone)
Of which the worlds three parts, each bosts of one,
For Cæsar, Hanniball, and Hector prais'd:
Though none of those, I loue a sight as rare,
Euen her that ore my life as Queene doth sit,
Iuno in maiestie, Pallas in wit;
As Phœbe chast, then Venus farre more faire:
And though her lookes euen threaten death to me,
Their threatnings are so sweet, I cannot flie.

Last updated January 14, 2019