Sonet 63

William Alexander

Oft haue I heard, which now I must deny,
That nought can last if that it be extreame;
Times dayly change, and we likewise in them,
Things out of sight do straight forgotten die:
There is nothing more vehement then loue,
And yet I burne, and burne still with one flame.
Times oft haue chang'd, yet I remaine the same,
Nought from my mind her image can remoue:
The greatnesse of my loue aspires to ruth,
Time vowes to crowne my constancie in th'end,
And absence doth my fancies but extend;
Thus I perceiue the Poet spake the truth,
That who to see strange countries were inclin'd,
Might change the aire, but neuer change the mind.

Last updated January 14, 2019