Sonet 64

William Alexander

I wot not what strange things I haue design'd,
But all my gestures do presage no good;
My lookes are gastly-like, thoughts are my food,
A silent pausing shewes my troubled mind:
Huge hosts of thoughts are mustring in my brest,
Whose strongest are conducted by despaire,
Which haue inuolu'd my hopes in such a snare,
That I by death would seeke an endles rest.
What Furie in my brest strange cares enroules,
And in the same would reare sterne Plutoes seate!
Go get you hence to the Tartarian gate,
And breed such terrors in the damned soules:
Too many grieuous plagues my state extorse,
Though apprehended horrors bost not worse.

Last updated January 14, 2019