Sonet 75

William Alexander

My faithfull thoughts no dutie do omit;
But being fraughted with most zealous cares,
Are euer busied for my loues affaires,
And in my brest as Senators do sit,
To my hearts famine yeelding pleasant food.
They sugred fancies in my bosome breed,
And would haue all so well for to succeed,
That through excessiue care they nought conclude:
But ah, I feare that their affections trie
In end like th'Apes, that whil'st he seekes to proue
The powrefull motions of a parents loue,
Doth oft embrace his young ones till they die:
So to my heart my thoughts do cleaue so fast,
That ô, I feare they make it burst at last.

Last updated January 14, 2019