The Hunt

The Hunt

A cold dank misty morn
Early at the dawn
The hunter parks his car,
As he scans the fields afar,
The dogs offload and run around ready for their fun
The hunter pulls on his coat and calmly loads his gun.
Pretty little bitch with her tail wagging so hard
Dancing round in circles looking for some fun.
Nostrils flaring wildly taking in the air
Eyes on her master, watching for his gun
Catching scents of rabbits and ready to give chase
Oh it’s so exciting, she’s in another race
In a copse some half a mile away
With a twitching of his nose
The old buck senses trouble
He knows the dogs are close
He stands upon his hind legs
Checking where they are
He sees the hunter with his gun standing by his car.
The hunter strides along the field, heading for the copse
The dog’s noses on the ground and baying like a fox
Suddenly the rabbit breaks his cover, the hunter catches sight
He lets off both barrels but the buck moves like a sprite
The old buck’s eyes are wide and wild and terror in his heart
The dogs are gaining rapidly ready to do their part
Pretty little bitch far ahead of the madding pack
She’s on buck’s tail and snapping at his back
The old buck has seen it all before, he knows he’s in a fight
And with one almighty blow his hind legs aim just right
Pretty little bitch falls to the floor,
Stunned and breathless can fight no more.
She lies prone and winded
As the pack stops to sniff and stare
The old buck scurries to ground and finds a safe lair
The hunter arrives upon the scene at which he shakes his head
Oh you silly bitch, it’s lucky you’re just winded, you could have been so dead
He gently picks her up and lays her in his sack
The hunt is over for the day it’s time that they were back.
And late that night, in homes, kennels, and burrows a story was being told
Of the days adventure with the hunt and how it did unfold
And from three different perspectives, there were heroes all around
The pretty little bitch, the hunter and his gun and of course the buck who went to ground.
© Liam Smith 2015?

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