The Line

by Gabriel Sage

Somewhere a long the line we lost our spontaneity
I want people to just stop by and show up
surprised and awkward is better than the same -
jumping into pools with all your clothes on is only in the movies
and there is something wrong with that
I don’t want to wait for you
to text me back anymore
I don’t want to text at all anymore
I’d come over with a bottle of wine
to show you how to live again
but I don’t think you’d understand
somewhere a long the line we lost our romance
behind the hashtags and snapchats
we are hidden and connected and alone
where grand gestures get buried in self aggrandizement
and the heart on your designer sleeve
falls through the unraveled cable knit
so more than likely becomes as close to yes
as we can get to
somewhere a long the line

Gabriel Sage's picture

Gabriel Sage is a Los Angeles native and writer documenting the modern human condition and debauched American Dream. He is a student working on his first novel and chapbook.

Last updated August 26, 2015