The Saviour – I AM

by Arne Jensen


Some of you may know me for those who don't I'll introduce myself.
There are books all about me on every prison shelf.
I'm in the man outside the diner shaking a cup of change
His clothes are torn and ragged and he smells a little strange.

I'm in the bully on the playground who teases you to shame,
When he see the tears he knows he’s won the game.
I'm in the addict in the pawn shop selling his mother's chain,
Obsessed with the next moment he gets to pierce the vein.

I'm in that dancer in the strip club and the hooker on the street,
To most she’s not a person, she’s just a piece of meat.
I'm in the angry husband raining blows down upon his wife
While claiming it's her fault; the fact he’s failed in life.

I'm in the young child who gives his allowance to a homeless vet.
The gratitude that man gave is his best purchase yet.
I'm in the forgiving victim of that bully big and strong,
Who's trying to change his ways and right what he's done wrong.

I'm in the patient mother whose son is on step ten,
Praying he has the moral strength to make it round the bend.
I'm the nonprofit program that gave a hooker a second chance,
I'm in the professor that teaches a stripper there’s more to life than dance.

I'm in the loving wife who’s skin was black and blue,
Who found out first hand what a little prayer and church can do.
I am happiness to your sorrow, I am love to all your loss.
But you may know me better as the man upon the cross

Musings of a Fevered Mind

Arne Jensen, Australia, Musings of a fevered mind

Last updated April 20, 2017