The Turning

by Randy Miller

I tred down a path of crimson and bone
and parley with ghosts that keep me alone

behind in the path lies a broken door
there was love there once, I'll go there no more

for the shadows won't speak and the ghosts they tell lies
and I know this despite there clever disguise

as I walk this path of crimson and bone
and reap the sorrow from the pain I have sewn

ahead in the path there is a glorius door
there is love there for me but I'll go there no more

as I stop and listen to demons and ghosts
as they offer me freedom from what hurts the most

for it sounds oh so good to rest here awhile
and learn to love shadows and forget how to smile

as you walk down this path of crimson and bone
and I whisper of lies to keep you alone

but you know I am lying despite what I say
for I promise of ways to make pain go away

you should listen to me and lie here awhile
I'll teach you of doors and how they defile

and there ahead in your path the door opens wide
there is love there for all but I can't go inside

I beg you to stay and I promise you lies
you know this dispite my wicked disguise

so I linger here now in the crimson and bone
a shadow who now shall call this place home

Just some guy

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Last updated September 24, 2016