The Winter of my Love

The road is dark and while I do not have far to go it feels endless and solitary.
You are not there to share this walk and I feel deep in winter's grip
The air is cold and crisp as it holds and bites my throat
And though the blanket of stars glistens high like a million fairy lights upon a tree it offers no comfort from the coldness creeping over me.
I do not have your body to protect me from the cold.
It all feels so lonely without your hug — and I feel so old.
I miss the comfort of your arm and the warmth of your gentle touch
The tenderness of your smile resting on me in days we loved so much.
I reach the house, and walk up the drive with leaves crackling underfoot
The naked trees surrounding me do not welcome or say hello
Instead they feel so ghostly, unfriendly — almost telling me to go
The house it seems so dark now, almost frightening as I turn the key
Gone are days of warmth and laughter when it was both you and me.
I don’t even look towards the fire or turn on a light to see
I head towards the stairs, our bed is calling me.
I creep beneath the sheets and feel the cold air around
I reach across for you but you are nowhere to be found
I close my eyes and say my prayers for both you and me
Asking God to send me to you —with you I want to be
For I am in the winter, the winter of my love
The memories all behind me, the road ahead so rough

Liam Smith

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I tell stories and paint pictures with my words.

Last updated December 12, 2015