The Woman That Cries

by Tashira McCollister

There is a woman I know that has went through so many things
She tried so many times but nothing ever seemed to change
As a young child she didnt feel she had true love from her mother
Because she was treated so different from her sisters and brothers
She turned to this guy looking for acceptance and love
But instead was misused, beaten and drug
Now she is fifteen years old and pregnant with her first baby
Not knowing where to turn and about to go crazy
Though parenting skills she knows that she lacks
She only visions the love her baby will give her back
After having her first baby she thought things would change
But she comes to find its actually the same
She still puts up with being abused by the same man
He knows that she loves him so she cnt understand
She always talks to God and asks why she's not loved
But never gets an answer from the man up above
As time goes on and she is now nineteen years old
Got three kids now and a hurt thats turning cold
She is on her own raising her kids the best way that she can
Stealing, selling drugs and even using a man
All the trust she had in people is now all gone
She will survive by any means just her and her kids alone
Now a few more years went by and she actually got wed
Not knowing at all what was lying ahead
His drinking started then cheating and drugs
Then from her mouth and nose there ran the blood
Now she constantly cries not knowing what to do
She wants to give up and wants to be through
She thought about taking her own life again
But could not do it this time because on her her kids depend
So she started drinking and doing drugs of all kinds
Mariquana, a little pcp and even snorting lines
Now four more years have went by in a flash
And there is still something in her life that she lacks
She is now tired of the drinking and all of the drugs
And even the men because its now women she loves
Still searching for love as she has all her life
Just maybe she will find it if she finds her a wife
Now she presents herself as a man to this world
But deep inside her cries a broken little girl
She still puts up a front and a few more years pass by
Now she is tired of that life and still she cries
She decided one day to talk with the Man above
And He sent her to this church called Abundant Love
So she went there for a while just sitting in the back
But even then there was something she lacked
So she started going to the altar and calling out to God above
And He heard her this time because she felt His presence and love
The love she had been looking for since forever
She had it now because her and God were together
The woman that cries is now as happy as can be
I know this because the woman that cries is the woman inside of me!

Tenaha Texas

Tashira McCollister's picture

I am 38 years old and the mother of 3. I have been writing poetry since i was in middle school. Its just a way for me to express the way that I feel and relieve stress.

Last updated August 20, 2015