by Robert Lloyd Jaffe

I think that I will spend my time with trees,
living, eating, playing,
sitting on earth and folded knees.
I reckon them as friends,
and contemplate their demeanor;
the Maple, the Beech, and the Birch -
one, who bleeds sweetness for all to drink;
the dark and tortured bark of the next;
the other, whose leaves swirl carefree
on a cylindrical perch.
Have you taken the time to look at a leaf?
If you haven't, let me explain:
its veins are branches by any measure,
sprouting from a tiny trunk, left and right,
but never together.
This is the way to recognize a friend,
finding that familiar feeling of love
in the obvious features,
and down to the tiniest end.
And like true love,
I find comfort in the company of trees -
little of myself to prove.
No comments clever, no boasting wit,
just warm arms outreaching -
saying "take my hand and sit."

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I am an observer and listener of the music of life. Where I find cadence, I find my interest and passion directed. It can be sound, light, smell, or purely an experience of thought. The sky, the sea, the mountains, and the machines that allow me to explore those places draw my attention, and give me serenity.

Last updated May 06, 2016