The Turning Tree

by Allen Grossman

Allen Grossman

This to be beautiful to you
Set against all this you know of
So ominous, set against it,
Overcome, might overcome.
This to be beautiful, beautiful,
Never alone enough with God
Never enough among fountains
This be beautiful Spring blue.
Leaf love you for this the while
I am with you and the while after
This earth I am standing on, the
Herons and smaller birds possess.
This to be beautiful to you
The downward fire I spoke of
The eel grass, the snowy path,
The wide shore, the wide shore.
Speak of it, speak it, unceasing, all
These lines to the tomb, O turning tree,
Set against all this you know of
Overcome, will, overcome.
Grave tree of the dark plowland under,
I will will the whole time to you:
Falling water, wave falling, dew
Dust, horses, spirits, Spirit.

Sweet Youth

Last updated June 30, 2015