Unforgettable moments

It was drizzling monsoon in the city... When I saw you with a fragile umbrella...... My heart skipped a beat, senses were lost, and eyes got stuck......It was a coincidence that you were from same college as well..I have watched your dance.. Each and every moves reflects the dance of goddess...... I have heard your song.....It felt like a nightingale was chirping in my ear...It would be ambiguous to say but your beauty fades every surrounding thing......I have also saw your sadness which your face would reveal the problem..... Your every joyous moments made me joyous too...my heart keeps peeking you through my vision..... Your dressing depicts simplicity to me.....I am eager to talk to you...I eager to tell you that you are the one whom my heart has chosen.... And no one could ever take your place in my life....

I am not a layman but coming from science who finds words makes more impact than actions. Besides I am with enormous source and hunger to write something not to teach some one but to read to my reader's.

Last updated September 23, 2015