Two phases of life

In this busy life we are lost somewhere... In this disastrous world we are frightened somewhere...we are at cumbersome work but our mind flatters in deep down memories, memories which forms cluster of sweet,regrets hopes .....we are wearing joyous face but deep down we are mourning, .....our voice stays in presentation area but deep down we want to sing.....we are fed up to daily routine.... But deep down we want to go to an unknown land, a journey with our beloved ones, an adventure with our friends ......our life is been lived by hopes,hopes which are some unachievable things, some near things which are far....some things which would transform....But in the end of life we would laugh..With our watered eyes and in despair our curtain of life would drop....

I am not a layman but coming from science who finds words makes more impact than actions. Besides I am with enormous source and hunger to write something not to teach some one but to read to my reader's.

Last updated September 24, 2015