United Nations

by Jim Hanafan

Into Hades Syria descends
American Cerberus come
As English hands are wringing
Lamenting something must be done

More blood will spill, more people die
For humanitarian needs
Or if you think quite deeply
Mineral rights and deeds

Russian bifurcation
More proof for us to ponder
Who is it arms the madmen
Who is it stands to conquer

Quavering French voices also sound
Not about who stays alive
More who gets to pick the carcass
When Syria has bled and died

Islamic fundamentalists
Will slyly watch and wait
Jurisprudence in abeyance
Jihad in abate

So the world will soon stop spinning
Around the Middle East
As vultures are swiftly swooping
On to an Islamic feast


Jim Hanafan's picture

Ex Soldier living in North Herts, writing poetry for a hobby, working hard for a living, in order to understand the poetry, understand the poet first., The British Army is famous throughout the world for its professionalism when it comes to soldiering. Foremost in the Confines of that wonderful organization is the Infantry, the Soldiers who are more likely that any other to face the Enemy in combat, and be called upon to kill or be killed., Infantry Soldiers are a breed apart from the rest of the Army, from their first day within the organization they are taught that they are the best, that their Regiment is the best, that they now belong to an exclusive club, a veritable Band of Brothers., My own journey into this world was achieved as a result of a stubborn streak, whatever I was told to do I would do the opposite., Although I never shone at school, it did infuse me with a love of the written word, particularly poems by the so called “War Poets” when I realised that these people were telling a story in the best way they could to make themselves & their situation understood., As they say in bad movies ”read 'em & weep”.

Last updated September 05, 2022