What I have to say.

Now when you see me
You'll see that I'm just like any other girl
Yet im full of lies
You could think
and even say I'm full of life
But oh dear,
hope to never see my heart
Full of lies and pain
Pain which wont ease
I'm torn
But that's not what you see
I say to not care
But desperately
im asking for help
please come aid
this mealting heart
Thats vanishing faster than,
Ice on hot summer day.
Im just a human.
Who cant find her ownself
In a world she doesnt understand
Cause socity says to be successful
But how can you succeed,
if happy you arent to be.
So please tell who you want me to be.
Just dont try to shape me into a perfect being,
When I dont desire to be breathing this contaminated air.
Now to wonder who's more full of lies, you or me?
Cause dont you see?
I dont belong here or there
I dont belong anywhere
So why shall I take a small space of Earth when someone better could be taking my place for better.
That's all I have to say, stranger.

Andrea Soto

Andrea Julieta Soto Coria's picture

I'm from CA, USA, Hispanic, 11/03/01 I took my first breath, with a few friends, of a family in which only few care for me, great student, outgoing yet timid, afraid of the future, I enjoy anything, im not cool but im friendly and kind most of the time

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