You Can Do It

Unlock your dreams
Unlock your passion
Unlock your potential
Unlock your motivation
Unlock your knowledge
Unlock your experience
Unlock your wisdom
You live life only once
Bright and beautiful
The sun is rising
Promising and brilliant
Your future is shining
Achievements and awards
Success is waiting
But first you need to stop
The alarm clock from snoozing
Happy thoughts
Along with ideas supreme
Give birth to
Splendid dreams
Loud alarm clocks
With early morning views
Can make all your
Dreams come true

Charles S Mortson

Charles S Mortson's picture

Charles Chuze Kayeyi, young, vibrant, high-school student and a lover of art, inspired to publish poems by Mortson, a Researcher and Mentor, to an extent of combining efforts and skill to build a name, Charles S Mortson, a Zambian and proud African with a worldwide vision.

Last updated July 18, 2015