Hoppleroopleoopledook was this,  Really funny land,  Where silliness had no limit,  And responsibility had no stand.  Where people ate their tea with salt,  Where children ate their sauce with broth  Where people acted their mind’s say,  Without a teeny-tiny-weeny thought. 
Where grannies hobbled on their hands,  And mummies cartwheeled round the land!  Where babies bawled at the top of their feet,  And it was hard to spot a house little neat! 
Where flowery looking hats
were wrapped around legs,  And dainty pink shoes
seemed to hang up on pegs! 
Everything was upside down,  Topsy-turvy you might say,  Where all was like a pack of cards,  That may collapse and fall within a day! 
Boots worn like party caps,  And frocks used for the feet,  It gave me a laugh to watch these things,  This kind of humour is hard to beat!!   Umbrellas made quite useful boats,   To talk of dustbins I never could   So really funny it was I know,  So very hilarious imagine I never would. 
Once when our emperor,  Came to check on them,  He was served thistles to eat,  And his glass was full of green stem!  When his majesty asked,  What was wrong with their land,  They said it was their national dish,  With a colossal rule book in hand. 
Amazed at the silliness,  He very solemnly asked,  Whether it was real?  Or was he so cleverly being masked.  They seriously stated,  That to fool the king was quite beyond,  All they had intended to do,  Was put him at ease with their world.  He burst out with a loud guffaw,  His eyes streaming with laughter,  Never in his life had he witnessed something so funny,  This certainly was a remarkable matter.  To summon the governer,  He ordered,  About these silly antics,  He enquired .

He tried and tried,  To drive some sense,  Into this very silly man’s head.  He then decided to get rid of,  This silly kingdom once and for all,  He wrote a letter stating that,  All the HOPPLE people awaited a big fall.  He used a bomb,
That blasted off,  All the Hopplers,
To a land far off.  Some people think that they know too much,  And call themselves normal & sane, These people now filled Hoppleroopleoopledook,  And led a real life of misery and pain. 
No longer there were carefree smiles,  No longer were there insane people,  No longer was there craziness aloof,  Even a single-bingle-mingle ripple!

I am a student not a great and mighty POET really....but I write...and I love to write...........I also got an e-mail in another e-mail address of mine referring this site, so I decided to try my luck in it...most of the poems are pretty kiddish as I am a very amateur writer, just in 8th grade........

Last updated October 19, 2012