Mermaid’s Lament

by Rachel Rooney

I've had enough of perehing on rocks
stinking of fish, waiting for sailors
to pass by and fall in love.
I want to swim away to shore,
stand up on my own two teet and walk
tall across dry land.
I want to go disco dancing with my mates,
look great in my high-heeled stilettos
and tight blue jeans.
I want to pedal hard up a steep hil,
then legs outstretched, freewheel down
just for the fun of it.
I want to be a striker, take a penalty
and score the golden goal, perform cartwheels
to a roaring crowd.
Or simply lounge on the beach in a twin-set bikini,
paint my toenails, and watch the fishermen
emptying out their nets.

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Last updated March 07, 2023