The Mountain Crumbles

the birth of this mountain

so high seemingly nigh

has always been uncertain

wars on its foothills,floods on its shadows

and many forgotten days went by


but the lone mountain stood

like a shade when it eclipsed the sun

stood like a watchtower for the woods

waiting for the river herald on its run



on nights of the aurora

cold winds await

the seraphims praise

to circle its peak with a magical spell


but the lone mountain stood

awaiting its fate to come

on a rainy day this giant faltered

to the last drop of rain it crumbled


weathered by a storm

it still bore the lashing of waves below

and the whipping by cold winds above

and screeches of eagles losing their nests

ere to the storm the day of its fall was born


millions or raindrops melted its icy exterior

drooped its pinnacle

when soon the mount began to appear bent

whip after whip of wind and rain


at dawn when the sun awoke

to its pity found a weathered hill

and a stray drop found its way into the creak that went down the heart of this hill

that as it passed caused the rocks to give way


and this is how the mountain crumbled

Rashmi Sreekumar

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I think of myself as a creative person with varied interests.I am a Matchmover by profession and love to work in the field of Vfx and animation.Since childhood ive been interested in poetry.

Last updated October 07, 2012