The Passing Cloud

T'heres something
over the horizon
its slow its crouching
but rapidly approaching

its dark..and muscular
but nevertheless

it evil grin
its laughter is loud!
birds in dismay caught in the spin
how evil!!
this handsome cloud

casting a shadow
on his silent spectators
he hovers
and weeps cold showers

he tumbles,and rumbles
but over a mountain
he stumbles

and as he rolls
he sings a ballad
and now the wind silly,
seems invalid

But my sensual trickster
so cool, so coy
flies over me
its worked!his ploy!

from below
i watch as he departs
the greyness
that lies in his heart.

i look back
theres a murmur
all begin to stir

But now the sun has come
in all his splendour and shining
soaking 'his' trail,breaking the spell..
and as i see it...a New magic is weaving!!

Rashmi Sreekumar

Rashmi Sreekumar's picture

I think of myself as a creative person with varied interests.I am a Matchmover by profession and love to work in the field of Vfx and animation.Since childhood ive been interested in poetry.

Last updated October 30, 2011