The Rise And Fall

by Shahida Latif


When the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,
The Vice of all creatures rise from the seat,
To the heavenly spheres contain in themselves,
A pack of divine wisdom, fragrance of all roses,
The light of stars, coolness of the dawn,
Depth of oceans and vastness of the sky,
Serenity of the mirror, and flow of the river,
Essence of patience, love and tolerance,
Innocence of a rabbit and boldness of a lion.
By doing so they surpass the angels:
The most obedient flawless creature.

When the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,
The Vice of all creatures fall from the seat,
Contain in themselves the traits of animals,
Appetite of vultures, fierceness of wolves,
Poison of serpents and stings of scorpions,
So they become voluptuous and lecherous,
And have a heart free of conscience pricking,
Over-ridden with the flies of avarice and greed,
They do nothing but trouble God’s Mind,
When He see the masterpieces being spoiled.

Shahida Latif

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Hi! I am Shahida Latif from Pakistan, I am the author of many books of Urdu poetry and one novel Saath Ishq "Seven Love Legends". In my poetic career I made several tours abroad and participated in seminars and poetry reading sessions, during the international tours I was asked by the literary figures to write in English as well, so I wrote my first poetry book in English, titled "Drop The Weapons", consisting of 70 poems. The book will be soon brought out, before the month of August 2011. I have been appreciated a lot by the readers. I hate bloodshed in the world, when any one is killed in war or in any conflict my heart weeps, I through my poetry want to give the message to humanity to end war and it is the easiest to do so, just drop the weapons, enlarge your zones of acceptance, consider all men and women are children of the same parents; we can make the world more and more beautiful with love and patience and by preferring others interests to ours. It is the only way to maintain peace in the world, open your eyes and minds lest it should be too late. Love and peace for all.Shahida Latif

Last updated June 27, 2011