by Renée Ashley

They say, 'It's been years,
You now should be fine....'
They don't get that this
Hurt will never decline.

How can I get them to see
That I'm not coming back?
To just stop riding me,
Please cut me some slack!

They thought I'd be OK,
After all that I've seen?
Images like that don't fade,
Don't care how long it's been...

Darkness always creeping round me,
It's hold growing oh so tight.
Replaying the morning I found him
And there's no end in sight.

Forever feeling I'm to blame
For not knowing what was to come.
And not being able to save
The man I love.

He held my heart & soul
Within His heart & soul.
Without Him I'm banished,
Nowhere for me to go.

Wandering isolated within Hell,
This torture never ceasing...
And here I will remain,
Even He can't release me.

Last updated March 29, 2023